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Quality log cabins, garden gazebos, corner summerhouses and wooden garages.

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Log Cabins
Custom made to your very own requirements.

Yes! there are other makes and types out there that offer customization, but many are purely adaptations of existing models within an existing range, few allow you to design your own garden log cabin kits from scratch.

The difference between these and many other cabins is the quality, workmanship, finish and the type and quality of timber used - and all this at an affordable price.

Sustainable Timber

The timber used comes from the northern hemisphere, being more denser and fibrous than timber from mid-European sources, giving you many more trouble free years of pure bliss in your log cabin, furthermore all the timber is grown in managed sustainable forests, so you can rest assured you are doing your bit for the environment.

Summer and Winter Use

We get asked if log cabins are warm in the winter or are they cold and draughty making them uncomfortable to use in the winter months.

The wall construction in a Barretts log cabin is highly stable and wind-resistant, due to chalet-milling in every corner joint, (not found in all log cabins) if this special corner joint is not used ‘shrinkage’ can occur in the corners, allowing rain and wind to penetrate, with this method of chalet-milling it locks the corner joints making them wind and weather proof, so you can enjoy your afternoon tea and cream cakes in comfort.

Thickness of Logs

Another question asked is what the optimum wall thickness for log cabins is.
There is no optimum thickness, the Barretts log cabin kits start at 28mm thick solid log and go up to 115mm log for the large dwelling types.

For general garden use the 28mm to 45mm thick log cabins are the most popular and economical, for office or other communal use we would not recommend anything less than 45mm preferably 58mm, 70mm or above for extra insulation and heat retention.

These thicker log cabins also have special log profiles with conic double-grooves that clip into each other for even higher stability, helping to stop any ‘twisting’ of the logs, sometimes found in the thinner versions.

Also the gable and eaves logs are adapted to the slope of the roof making it more comfortable, wind-proof and streamlines the roof profile.

The log cabins with 45mm or more thick have doors and frames that are manufactured from 42mm timber making  it highly unlikely you will experience the twisting and poorly fitting doors seen in many makes of log cabins, the doors are also fitted with weather and draught strip making them even more comfortable.


High quality German branded locks and fittings in DINN are used, with cylinder locks and adjustable door-hinges, these are all built in for your comfort and user experience.

If you would like to customize the door threshold you can have a stainless steel threshold strip fitted for a small extra charge if required.

Even the thinner 28mm thick garden log cabins have their doorpost lock-side made from glulam timber; this is something you don’t find in many log cabins with 28mm thick logs.


Many of you ask us if the log cabin floors are strong enough to hold the weight of a hot tub or spa.

  1. The floor base frame is made from pressure treated 60x40mm timber for the 28mm wall thickness buildings
  2. 60x80mm for the 33mm and 45mm wall thickness cabins

This eliminates any worries about the timber going rotten as the pressure timbers are guaranteed for 10 years, if the cabin is built onto a concrete slab with a waterproof membrane under the concrete to prevent water and damp from rising from the ground below.

The 45mm plus buildings have timber floor boarding (Not Chipboard) made of 22mm tongue and grooved boards, with this thickness of floor boarding you should have little fair of them not supporting a hot tub.

The 19mm to 33mm buildings have timber floor boarding made of 19mm tongue and grooved boards including baseboards even this is superior to the 12mm used in many log cabins.


Another question asked is about the roof construction as many people have had bad experiences with ‘Chipboard’ type roofs collapsing if any water leaks in.

The roof construction on our Barretts garden log cabin kits are made of a minimum 19mm tongue and groove boards and covered with heavy duty bitumen roof shingles in a selection of colors of your choice which are included as standard, thus protecting your roof and building against climatic influence.

You can choose from red, green or anthracite-colored rectangle shingles or red-colored area tile shingles.

The roof supports in the 28mm wall thickness log cabins have a purlin width of 60x140mm (for the layman 2.5in x 5.5in), the 33mm and 45mm buildings have a purlin width of 80x160mm (3.25in x 5.25in) and stronger depending on the size of the building.

In comparison with many garden log cabins these are VERY STRONG AND STURDY and beautifully finished off.

To further enable you to customize your log cabin you have the option of plain or ‘fancy’ fascia boards at the gable ends.

A special feature not to be found on many other makes is the triangular ledge is provided at the gable for precise water drainage, many other log cabin manufacturers do not provide this, preventing you from fitting the guttering to the end of the roof.

Garden Summerhouse or Pavilion Range

The Garden Summehouse or Pavilion range of garden log cabins is becoming very popular. You can order your these models ready-shingled (Color and style of shingles of your own choice) furthermore the arris coverings are actually ready-cut for assembly, no fiddly cutting.


Most garden log cabin windows are usually very basic, four pieces of wood fixed together and glazed with either plain glass or an acrylic substitute.

The Barretts collection offers you a wide variety and styles of windows that come complete with weather strip , Georgian bars and ‘real’ glass, which is firmly silicone into place, not just 'tacked' in.

When you purchase a 45mm plus thick log cabin it will come with double glazed windows with 'tilt & turn mechanism' or just outward or inward opening, complete with anodized aluminium water drainage bar, to direct the water away from the base of the window preventing water build up and subsequent rotting.

The 28mm thick cabins have windows with a Georgian effect and the 33mm thick have tilt & turn type windows.

To further customize your dream garden log cabin, working prefabricated window shutters are available for a small extra charge, if there is enough space either side of the window for them to open.

Modular Buildings

The Barretts collection also includes a selection of sectional prefabricated cabins.
These prefabricated cabins can now be purchased factory painted, along with the pavilion models, in either a single color or two colors for a small extra charge.

Custom Build

Oh yes! Just in case, after reading about all the goodies above, don’t forget the whole purpose of the Barretts collection is that you can design your own leisure building or garden log cabin to your size and design, including windows and doors chosen from our wide selection.

If you only want a basic design of garden log cabin kits, all of the models shown in our eBrochure can be purchased as they are if they suit your purpose, or custom built, as mentioned above, adding extra windows and doors as required, or better still, you can send us your very own plan or drawing, so that we can offer you a quotation for your dream cabin or leisure building.

The drawing can be on an A4 sheet of paper or more elaborate if you are inclined in that way, but must be clear and contain sizes in either ‘ft. & ins’ or metric.

FREE Brochure

Please fill in the form below to receive your FREE personal copy of the Barretts Leisure custom made garden log cabins eBrochure, 67 pages in full color.

This eBrochure is quite safe to download as it is in PDF format and can be deleted when you are finished with it.

Note to our many friends in other countries.
We are sorry, we can only supply to the UK mainland.

Quality - Originality - Professionalism

Of course, when you can choose out of more than 20,000 combination-possibilities and options, this leaves other suppliers of *W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. buildings way out of the running, and the beauty is you don't pay over the odds, either for the service and extra quality you get from a Garden Ideas Online bespoke garden log cabin kits.

Nevertheless our manufacturing supplier normally succeeds to deliver your personally designed building within a reasonable time schedule which is usually 4/5 weeks.

This delivery time will enable you to prepare a solid foundation to the required dimensions.

*W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. means - What you see is what you get

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